Rules for authors

The research and practice journal «The Russian Journal of Neurosurgery» is the regular printed issue for practitioners, researches and chiefs of health administrations. The journal publishes the original articles concerning fundamental and applied theoretical as well as clinical and experimental studies, lectures, clinical cases, discussions, literature reviews and informational materials dedicated to actual problems of neurosurgery and related professions. The decision about papers publications is accepted by editorial staff based on the authority of independent reviewers who are the specialists in various fields of medicine and on the conformance evaluation of clinical and experimental studies to ethic requirements, as well as in the accordance with typescripts requirements. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit the редактировать статьи. The papers publications in «The Russian Journal of Neurosurgery» are free of charge.

Typescript requirements

Common rules. The manuscript must be send to editorial office in two copies signed by all authors. The visa of institution director with a seal affixed must be on the title page. The send paper must be accompanied by the forwarding letter justified the transfer of rights for publication and with assignment that the given material was not published in other editions, as well as by guidance to publication with expert report of institution director confirming the absence of information in the send paper which are unliable for publication. The copies of all materials are kept at authors.

Format. The text and all components of an article must be printed on white paper A4 sizes on one side with fixed-width text file (2,5 cm - at the right, up and bottom, 4 cm – at the left) using 2 line space, Times New Roman, 12 font size. The pages must be numbered with Arabic figures in upper or bottom right hand corner starting with the title page. All article sections should be started with a new page. The common size of original article should not exceeded 12 pages, literature review – 16 pages and short messages – 4 typescript pages.

The title page must include the following parameters: the title of the article, full names of all authors with their highest scientific degrees (titles) and occupied positions as well as the full name of Institution(s) where the presented scientific work was performed and contact address of all authors for publishing in journal. All information must be presented in native language of authors and in English.

Authorship. Authors data present in sequence which is defined by their coordinated decision and verified by authors’ signs on title page. The other persons making the contribution in work performance which is insufficient for author credit (persons who unable to take over the responsibility for work content but they delivered the financial, technical and\or intellectual assistance), must be listed (with their written consent) in the section «Acknowledgements» after the main text of article.

Abstracts and key words. The abstract must be divided into sections (the aim of study, objective, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions) and includes not more than 200 words followed by 3-8 key words (word groups).

The references must be reviewed against the original and listed in the section «References» on separate page in alphabetical order (first – native-language authors and papers, then – foreign-language authors and papers). The references mark in square brackets: [1], [3-6], [8, 9] along the article text. The bibliographical description must be done using accepted rules for native and foreign references (for example, for Russian references - Russian government technical requirements ГОСТ Р 7.0.52008). The abbreviations for journals titles must be in accordance with the ones using in Index Medicus. The literature data not older than 10 years from their publication date are recommended to use in original articles.

Illustrations. The figures, diagrams, schemes and photographs are providing in two copies. They are numbering and signing with indication «up», full name of first author and beginning of article title. The illustrations legends are printed on separate page with figures numbers. The reference for each figure is indicated in the article text and on the left margin of page in accordance with its first mention in the text. The illustrations should be четкими and appropriate for reproduction, with their numbers (including for example 1a, 2b et al.) – not more than eight. The legend for previously published illustration must include the reference for original paper and the written consent for republishing from its owner(s) must be attached.

The tables are cited consequently in the article text and numerated if there was more than one table in the text (the reasonable amount is not more than five tables). Each table column must have a short headline, пропуски в строках are marked by « — » (tiret). The data from other papers need the references for original articles. The data repetition in text, diagrams and tables are inappropriate.

Abbreviations. The common accepted abbreviations should be used (ГОСТ 7.12-93 for Russian language and ГОСТ 7.11-78 for foreign European languages), unreasonably avoiding the new ones. The abbreviations are expanded during their first usage in text and remain unchanged along the whole article. The acronyms and abbreviations used in table are expanded in the note for this table.

Electronic version. Authors must provide the final electronic version of the manuscript accepted for publication containing electronic text version of article and all illustrative material on high-quality СD. All information is presented in text editor Word for Windows; tables and diagrams– in Microsoft Excel; photographs and images – TIF or JPG with 300 DPI, object-oriented graphics – in ЕР5, ЕМР, СDК. The sizes of the image must be not less than 4,5 x 4,5 cm and not more that 100 cm in the entire area. The CD must be clearly marked with the following information: author, headline of the article and the journal, word processing programs.

The papers should be send by ordinary mail
(a big request: do not send by insured box!) to the following address:
3, B. Sukharevskaya square, Moscow, Russian Federation, 129010.
Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Care n.a. N.V. Sklifosovsky,
department of emergent neurosurgery.
to Professor V.V. Krylov.